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Bollywood has become an increasingly familiar name and genre in the world as we know it, so it would not come as a surprise to see some of your favorites in well-known video games in the future.

In fact, some Bollywood celebrities have even ventured into the video game industry, releasing games with their very own likeness. Just take a look at Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra One game or Aamir Khan’s Dhoom game.

Anyway, here are some Bollywood stars who we think would definitely look great in video games, adding a little spice to the mix of boring characters we’re so used to seeing!

Bollywood stars who can be cast in video games

1) Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra (Image via Cotilleando)

It comes as somewhat of a surprise that Priyanka has yet to appear in a video game, considering her massive success in Hollywood and Bollywood. She can land a hardened female character in a spy-assassin action game similar to Hitman or even an action survival game like Lara Croft.

Considering that she’s trained for action movies and TV shows like Quantico, she has the muscle and face of an action survival video game lead. You can picture her in a detective or undercover cop role, which we hope to see in the future.

2) Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan (Image via NewsMeter Telugu)

Yes, yes, we know he’s old, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t make a fantastic video game character! Many old video game characters act as wise men in RPGs and strategy games, so this silver fox could definitely fit into their narrative. Did we mention he loves playing video games as well? He’s a FIFA fan!

Amitabh Bachchan is a household name known for his wide range of acting in media but is now known for his fatherly acting and paternal portrayals in modern movies and TV shows. A character where he plays god or a wisened mafia leader could fit him well. If there’s a Godfather video game in the works, perhaps he could be a part of it.

3) Riya Sen

Riya Sen (Image via

Riya’s talent for dancing and her overall alluring look could land her a role in a Cyberpunk or a dancing-based game. A Cyberpunk dance game doesn’t sound too bad, honestly.

The dark world with neon lights, thumping beats, and mysterious characters could easily feed into her persona. She could be another force to be reckoned with in a merciless world.

Since an expertise of hers is dancing, she has the potential to be a dancing, killing machine. We’ve seen characters like Christie Monteiro and Lucky Chloe from Tekken incorporate dance into their fighting styles, so it’s not a far-fetched idea.

4) Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor (Image via BizAsia)

Another FIFA fan who looks like he’s fit to join the game’s roster. Even so, based on the roles he’s good at playing in movies, we’d put him up for a contender in the romance visual novel genre.

He’s played several romcom and romantic leads, with the power to easily make anyone swoon with grace.

Sure, visual novels don’t necessarily have to be in the romance genre, but he’s got the role down, so why not? He has a face fit for the genre and the experience to match.

5) Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif (Image via Reebok)

Her acting career consisted of many high-profile action thrillers that went on to do numbers. She brings out the mysterious, alluring femme fatale look to each character she plays.

We could definitely see her being the head of a female-dominated gang, crushing those who defy her or just the main character in a survival horror series like Resident Evil.

Games similar to Bayonetta and Hellblade could be of interest, with a strong female lead carrying the game. She’s here to survive and win without getting too dirty.

With her personal interest in fitness, she could play more taxing characters in video games.

6) John Abraham

John Abraham (Image via

With his clean-cut look, he could effortlessly embody the role of an assassin or cold-blooded killer famous in the Hitman series. He’s quite the gamer himself, being a fan of PUBG Mobile and having his own racing game released a couple of years ago. Even so, the game doesn’t really feature or offer much.

Given his acting career roles, he’s best suited for roles in action or thriller scenes, so putting him in an assassin-themed video game doesn’t seem too far off, now does it? To be honest, you could even put him in a beat-up brawler or fighting game, and he would look great. His muscular physique grants that appeal.

7) Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt (Image via IWMBuzz)

Alia is mainly known for her youthful looks in the Bollywood scene, and we can see her playing a wisened young adult in a video game, similar to the likes of Ellie from The Last of Us series. She has the grit and combined innocence that would most definitely fit a survival, action-adventure game character to a tee.

Plus, she has a knack for portraying young adults in movies, from thrillers and dramas to romcoms and coming-of-age genres. She could bring to life a character that could be more relatable to young adults, perhaps even an episodic coming of age video game-like Life is Strange.

Final words

Well, there you have it! Here are some of the best Bollywood stars that should consider starring in their very own video game. Not a half-baked one either, but a full-on, fleshed-out video game with massive worlds and gameplay mechanics.

The gaming industry in India is evolving, and we hope to see bigger and better games being made in the future with some of our favorite Bollywood celebrities at the forefront of it all. Oh, and if you’re ever looking for gaming products, head over to OffGamers right here! They have all your gaming needs readily available in one place.

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