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Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz jumped on an episode of The Hang Zone on Sportsradio 96.7 FM/1310 The Ticket [KTCK-AM] last week to chat about video games, fantasy trash talk and embarrassing realities.. Here’s what he had to say. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Have you ever played Halo with Baker Mayfield? Have you ever been asked that?

Schultz: “I haven’t. It’s much easier if you’re a tight end to be talking about gaming. There’s a lot of gaming in the news this offseason quarterback related, really. Kyler (Murray), Baker. Like, they were just getting run through it over Halo and Call of Duty. It’s a little different if you are you. It’s been an interesting offseason.”

When you’re in the news this offseason it’s all contract this, contract that. Is that a beating, to be a professional player and be asked?

Schultz: “You compartmentalize it a bit. I think that’s one thing I’m good at. At the end of the day, I just kind of let (my people) deal with that. I’ve never been a guy to talk about another man’s money. I just think it’s funny that, we stir up complete big stories about one guy and his life. So I don’t get involved with all that stuff. It get’s a little dicey for me. You get that it’s part of the fan interest in the league. It’s our deal, too. We feel weird about it. But it’s part of the deal.”

Would you rather have people saying you don’t deserve to be a third round fantasy pick?

Schultz: “Don’t even get me started on fantasy. The DM’s I get from fantasy, and seeing some of them, dude. In fantasy I’m kind of a no name. I can go to the store, which is great. I’ll still get these DMs that are like ‘Oh, my god. Screw your whole family.’ Like, ‘you’re a mistake for being born.’ Some of them are bad. I don’t know if I can say them all. I’ve gotten death threats for sure, over fantasy. I’ve gotten death threats from scoring too many points on fantasy from other people that were playing me.”

Have you ever peed in your football pants?

Schultz: “Uh, yes. So you ever see a guy on the sideline, taking a knee by the bench? And there are open seats, and he’s taking a knee in front of the bench, and he’s got a water bottle and he’s squirting it on his leg?”

So he’s covering that up?

Schultz: “Some times get tough a little bit. You have to make sure you’re wearing the right pants. If you are wearing white pants, you better be hydrated. If we are at home, we have facilities for this. But if you get caught in a place where you have to go into the locker room just to take a (expletive), yeah, you might just be better off taking a knee there.”

I always thought in general, if you play for the Cowboys, it’s like Hard Knocks all the time. I mean, cameras are always around. You’re always something going on first year. It’s got to be a different thing playing for the Cowboys than if you played for the browns.

Schultz: “We hear this from guys that play here and then go somewhere else. Like, you don’t really understand it until you leave. So to me, this is just normal. This is all I know.”

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