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Streaming is one of the most common and easiest ways to showcase your talent and skills. You can go online and broadcast your content to the world for fun and earn commission from views, followers, and subscribers on your channel.  Mainstreaming platforms include Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Twitch is the most dominant online streaming platform. It started as a gaming powerhouse but has grown to accommodate other content streaming, e.g., music, cooking videos, sports, etc.

Streaming Video Games and Broadcasts benefit both viewers and gamers. It has many advantages over other streaming platforms. For instance, streamers can earn from Ads and subscriptions; companies provide sponsorship to popular streamers to promote their brands. Streamers can give directive links to their online stores. Viewers can easily find their influencers of interest because Twitch groups related content in one section. Influencers buy Twitch subscribers, followers and viewers to promote their channels and get more sponsorships opportunities.

The following are five main advantages of using Twitch to stream video games and broadcasts:

     I. Streamers can earn commission

Twitch provided a lot of earning opportunities for streamers. There are options for popular gamers and new gamers. Streamers with a minimum of 50 followers are invited to join Affiliate and Partner Programs which have added advantages to earning level of the gamers. Streamers also make money from ads that run during their streams and subscriptions from viewers. Brands monitor the progress of influencers in Twitch to find the most popular gamers with a similar audience. Companies provide sponsorship to influencers to market their brands on the live stream. The more views and followers you have, the more chances of earning good money.

   II. Direct interaction between viewers and gamers is possible

Everyone dreams of meeting or directly conversing with their favorite influencers. During Twitch Streaming, viewers can have direct conversations with their preferred streamers and lifestyle casters. The platform allows viewers to send a message through the chat room to the streamer and get an immediate reply. Interaction between viewers and gamers creates a special bond between them. Viewers feel comfortable and cared for when influencers converse with them. There is room to appreciate gamers’ content and skills.

 III. Viewers can access their preferred streamers easily in Twitch

The Twitch community separates the content into different categories to guide viewers when looking for their interests. The community is large and exclusive. Its types include food, music, coding, gaming, fashion, arts, etc. With this method, streamers can acquire many views and followers very fast. Such a community exists in Twitch only; other platforms place contents randomly; therefore, viewers must manually search for their preferred streamers.

IV. It allows streamers to advertise their online stores during live streams

As a streamer, you can have an online store to sell customized items such as branded clothing, coffee mugs, caps, sneakers, etc. Twitch allows streamers to advertise their products during live streams. You can attach a directive link that leads your viewers to your online store. This is the best way to increase sales and increase income wholly. Popular influencers have many enthusiastic viewers and followers who are passionate about their content. Having such an audience can help improve your product customers since many people visit your online store to view your products.

  V. Viewers acquire better gaming skills from the video game streams

Streamers play every game available uniquely and expertly. They handle all new releases and non-saturated games to show possible tricks in gaming to their viewers. They answer questions posted on the chats on how to game to ensure viewers understand every little expression made while streaming. Viewers learn from the gaming pros and use the skills to improve their performances. Non-gamers viewers can learn every move step by step to become experts from the knowledge acquired from the streamers. Streaming has helped in the exchange of gaming skills.


Twitch Streaming platform has more advantages than shortcomings. It benefits viewers and streamers in a list of ways. Twitch community partners with gaming companies to ensure their latest games released are available to streamers. The organization of video games and broadcasts fastens the growth of new streamers in the community.

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