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Arcane seems to have walked through the front door, getting the support from critics and the public practically unanimously, and that, bearing in mind the history of adaptations to film and television, of sagas from the video game, is something practically unheard of. It is clear that the production has had a budget that lives up to expectations, but even that has never been a safe value in these matters. It occurs to me that perhaps the presence of a background as rich as League of Legends, coral by nature and in which the world and its context are as protagonists, or more so, than the main characters, it may have had something to do with it. From there emanates a much greater creative freedom than Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins may have had when it comes to reinterpreting Uncharted for celluloid. So maybe that, together with the flexibility of animation and the good work of the French studio. Fortiche, play an important role in the equation.

Be that as it may, the ambition of the project seems to be supported by affection and pampering, which are essential when trying to deal with such expensive toys, and so dear. That said, I am sure that there is already more than one mind fantasizing about the idea of ​​seeing one of their favorite sagas, adapted to television, in a similar way to the one that concerns us. Thus, Today, at MRT, we are about to list ours, and we bring you the ten video game sagas that we would love to receive a series of that caliber. Go for it.

The Elders Scroll

We start with a saga that has a background to fill 10 seasons without messing up. In fact, the rumor mill about a Netflix adaptation has been around for a long time. And if that were the case, opting for animation would seem like a very successful solution to me, as it would save production costs and banish the risk of falling into a want and cannot be manual. And I say this last because, if taken in a real image, everything that is not approaching the production standards of Game of Thrones, would seem far from what it deserves such an award-winning name as The Elder Scroll.


The joke is told on its own and, in fact, Arcane is still something of a distant, and illegitimate, relative of Overwatch (because of the mirror in which Riot looked long ago). Beyond that, the idea of ​​seeing Tracer, D.Va, Winston, Doomfist and company in a similar format, is so natural, that the franchise has more than 90 minutes of footage produced by Blizzard itself, thus establishing , a proper format for the narration of the events that draw the background of the title. According to Nick van Dick’s Linkedin (co-president of Activision Blizzard audiovisual division), the series would already be ready. We have not heard anything official again, but for now the rumors point to Netflix.


Again, it is a material that is the most suitable for developing a plot (with a certain degree of freedom) in a fantastic world rich and full of possibilities. A fiction with plenty of potential to make an argument in a long-distance arc. As with Overwatch, Nick van Dick’s Linkedin was the first clue about it., although in this case he appears credited as executive director of production. Since 2018 it is said that Andrew Cosby would be behind the project, but despite the fact that 2022 continues to appear as the premiere date on many portals, the silence remains total.

Apex Legends

In line with what was seen in Overwatch, the universe of Apex, derived from the fiction that started Titanfall, has to its credit a material that, in addition to being coral, has been less exploited. This lack of development implies greater freedom of action, which is also supported by a cast of charismatic characters, despite the fact that here the slope veers more towards molonism. Pathfinder is crying out for a series, and the universe should give it to him.

Mass Effect

Here we begin to run into problems, since the narrative structure of Mass Effect it is much more traditional, which, as we discussed earlier, results in a lesser degree of creative freedom. Even so, his universe is so rich and so juicy, that a fiction based on the franchise could recreate the events lived in the original trilogy or approach them from another point of view, and even adopt a prequel approach. At Bioware they are aware of that potential, and Mac Walter himself (creative director and writer of Mass Effect) already made it clear this summer (in an interview for Business Insider) that the question is when, not if it will happen or not.

Dragon Age

What was said for Mass Effect, could also serve in Dragon Age. The difference is that, in this case, the last thing that came to the fore was a rumor spread by Gigantfreakin Robot, which lacks a source (despite his assertions) and that he again points to Netflix. Of which there is no doubt is that Dragon Age would suit an animated series wonderfully.


We change third and aim at Japanese lands. Xenoblade, it is among my favorite JRPGs, but I could also place it among the shonen. The fantasy world posed by numbered deliveries, gives for a rich, long series, and full of surprises. There, the natural way would be anime, and it would even give to launch two products that, in their final stretch, could leave the ass crooked to more than one (and everyone who has passed the Xenoblade and Xenoblade 2 knows what I mean ).

Saga Mother

Yes, it is in the antipodes of what Arcane represents, but everyone who has passed through Earthbound you know what i mean. its The universe, particularly absurd and parodic, represents a rich base on which to build an anime as hilarious as it is thoughtful. Aliens of indefinite morphology, mystery, a small group of teenagers and their bicycles. I don’t think we’ll get to see Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo face Gioygas in conditions similar to those set out, yes, at least, on YouTube you can enjoy a series of shorts made by fans.

Path of Exile

We return to western lands to stop at the mammoth work of Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile supposes an ocean of fiction full of small and great stories that would give for an indeterminate number of seasons. His dark fantasy, which begins in Wraeclast, a remote continent populated by criminals and banished beings. There begins a path of survival that leads the player through the ruins of the Cursed Empire. Again, we are faced with a background that grants material and freedom alike. Narrating the adventures of a group of exiles, given the same pampering as Arcane, could be good business.

Super Smash Bros

Yes, I am aware of the utter disproportionate of such a desire. But I am one of those who, from time to time, cannot avoid going over get between chest and back the almost 40 minutes of character introduction, in animated format, which accumulates the saga from Super Smash Bros for Wii U. There we have mythical confrontations such as Link against Pit, Captain Falcon against Chrom, Lucia and Daraen or the imposing appearance of Megaman. Not to mention The Subspace Emissary and his delusional succession of encounters and collaborations. If there is an exercise of fan service with which it is nice to dream, is this.

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