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There are three pretty great video games that are currently completely free to buy, so we break down how to grab each one.

If there’s two things we love in life it’s video games and bargains. So imagine our delight at the discovery that there’s not one, but three pretty darn good games you can nab yourself on PC right now for the stellar price of $0.

The process for grabbing each one is a little different however, so let’s explain each one.

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure

It’s a lengthy title, but this quirky shooter actually started its life as an expansion for Borderlands 2. Now it has been transformed into a standalone adventure to help promote the upcoming Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands which is due for release on March 25, 2022.

The game is said to be Tiny Tina’s inaugural story as she “takes on the role of Bunker Master in a thrilling game of “Bunkers and Badasses.” Players can join her in a world born from her imagination, entering an epic quest of revenge and redemption, and diving into dynamic and fantastical settings filled with castles, dungeons, and magic forests.”

While PlayStation gamers will need to shell out $14.95, if you have a PC, just head to the Epic Games Store where you can add the game to your account and get downloading.

It’s worth noting you only have until November 16 to grab it, and you will need to download the Epic Games launcher to play through – which is also completely free.

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Steamworld Dig 2

An indie darling that has been beloved by critics and gamers alike, Steamworld Dig 2 allows you to “dig deep, gain riches and unearth the terrors of the underworld in this platform mining adventure influenced by classic Metroidvania style games.”

Unfortunately the window is a lot smaller for this one, meaning it will only be available until November 12. That said, you have the option to grab the game either on GOG, Steam, or both if you really want.

Best jump on this one ASAP.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy

To help celebrate Ubisoft’s 35th birthday, the company is now giving away one of the small spin-offs to its hugely successful Assassin’s Creed series.

The 2.5D adventure follows three brand new assassins while following the series’ core stealth-action gameplay. You’ll control Shao Jun in China, Arbaaz Mir in India and Nikolai Orelov in Russia – all with their own unique tale and setting.

The Chronicles games’ mightn’t be the sprawling epics most gamers are used to, but there’s a great amount of charm in these pared back entries.

To check them out you’ll need to head to the Ubisoft website and follow their prompts.

The offer will be available until November 14, but you will require signing up for Ubisoft Connect to play.

So what are you waiting for, get downloading!

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