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Choosing a gift for a video game lover is often not easy. Certainly, the ideas come, but it is difficult to be able to find the gift that will really please him. You want to please a fan of video games or streaming and don’t really know what to choose?

No more panic! You are simply in the right place. Discover without delay the best gift ideas for a video game or streaming enthusiast. You will surely find the perfect gift for your favorite player!

The prerequisites for choosing the best gift for a video game fan

To find interesting gift ideas or video games, there are prerequisites that you will have to go through. In fact, we must first take into account some aspects. In other words, the chosen gift must please the gamer and matches their interests. To do this, you need to ask yourself the right questions. For example, you can ask yourself if the person likes play on your PC, on your console, with friends

Also, it is very important to better understand the player profile. Is he a simple amateur or a video game professional? What is his sex? Although the answer to this question should be fairly obvious if you know the subject well…

Also, what is his preference between action games and strategy games? If you manage to find answers to all these questions, then you can easily find the perfect gift that will please him.

A selection of games or consoles that will appeal to gamers

Now, discover a non-exhaustive list of games or consoles that it would be possible to offer to a gamer.

A Playstation 5 or Xbox series X or S console

If you gave a video game fan the chance to opt for a gift of their choice, their response would likely be a playstation-console. This video game accessory is increasingly in demand in the gaming accessories market.

Due to the high demand for these products, consoles playstation5 and Xbox series X Where S have become increasingly rare on the market. Many fabulous games are available on this format of PlayStation. For exemple, Marvel’s Spider-man which is a legend loved by the majority of game lovers is there!

A subscription to Xbox Game Pass ultimate

The subscription to Xbox is a perfect gift idea for a video game enthusiast. It is enough that he has an Android phone, a console or a PC. Indeed, the subscription to the Xbox Game allows you to have access to more than 210 downloadable games on PC or console.

Moreover, thanks to the technology of Microsoft cloud game, once the subscription is made, your player will be entitled to more than 150 games on his device without having to download them again. This material is just perfect to serve as a gift for a fan of video games. There is nothing more marvelous than receiving a symbolic gift for one’s passion; he will thank you forever.

Mario Kart Live-Home circuit

Video games are only made in a digital world. However, a real remote control game would be a great pleasure for all fans of these games. So give this unique option to your friend or family member as a gift.

Better, considering that the idea pleases you, Mario-Kart- Home Circuit is a highly acclaimed self-guided game in this field. With a good console nintendo-switchyour recipient will finally be able to treat themselves to a live video game show.

Halo infinite

This game is the one that all players from Xbox have been anxiously hoping since its official announcement in 2020. However, Halo infinite made its official release in 2021. After its release, it enjoyed great success among its fans. This game is available on almost every Xbox. You may be able to delight a fan of video games or streaming by offering him the chance to finally play it!

Helmets and controller to offer

Headsets and controllers are also important!

A virtual reality headset

the virtual reality headset is one of the most loved accessories by video game enthusiasts. Indeed, these helmets allow players to immerse themselves in a reality show, in which they are part of the decor. This allows them to experience another form of gaming reality and provides them with unique sensations.

If your friend or family to whom you want to offer the gift is passionate about video games, but does not yet have a virtual reality headset at his disposal, now is the time to give it to him. He will certainly spend all his time thanking you. If you fear that its price is exorbitant, do not worry! There are many models suitable for all budgets. It is sufficient that the model matches the recipient’s console.

An Xbox Elite series 2 controller

The first thing you should consider when it comes to gifting a video game lover should be the remote. The joystick is a indispensable tool for gaming. Don’t think too much and choose a Elite Series 2 Controller for example for your player! This series of controllers is currently a popular model in video games. It is equipped with a super powerful battery which can extend the playing time more than 40 hours.

To make it unique, you can also personalize it with the recipient’s favorite stickers. Furthermore, it is important to adapt it to the console your friend has.

The accessories that will capsize your gamer

Discover now accessories to offer to gamers.

A gamer T-shirt

Still on the theme of video games, the T-shirt is also a classic gift for a gamer. Of course, t-shirts aren’t just for sending wishes to the people you love. They can also reflect the passion of the person wearing them. However, to perfect your gift, it is important to personalize it using the recipient’s favorite game and/or accompanied by a video game-themed message. For example, you can engrave on the outfit, inscriptions such as:

  • “All men are born equal, but the best become gamers”;
  • “I am Mario”;
  • “Gamers for life”.

So many cult replicas that will probably melt your friend!

A gaming mug

the gaming mug is a classic utensil that you can gift to your player. Thus, he can quench his thirst in a cup personalized with the image of his favorite game. If you are looking for a better gift to give to a video game fan, the gamer mug is a better solution.

It is an accessory with two handles, in the shape of a lever. The printing of mug with a small text referring to the player’s favorite game or his favorite quote is also better. Give him this wonderful gift and he will always remember you every time he wants to take a sip from this mug.

Ghost of Tsushima Vinyl Game Album

Ghost of Tsushima is a classic game ranked among the best at the end of 2020. The realization was very efficient and superbly well thought out. Not only was the game engaging, but its music also provides a exceptional feeling. Even if you are not a fan of video games, you will certainly not remain indifferent when listening to this intoxicating tone it gives off.

Note that Ghost of Tsushima has won awards thanks to the audio quality of music played during gaming sessions. The developers have therefore offered fans of their streaming games a second chance to be able to listen to this music again through the production of a named audio CD  » Vinyl album of Ghost of Tsushima game « . Offering this album to a fan of this game could only make him very happy.

The Legend of Zelda coasters

The coasters the legend of Zelda, why not ? It is an absolutely perfect accessory to give to a fan of video games or streaming. These have a design inspired by the recent game Breth of the Wild. If your recipient loves the franchise game Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda, it’s time to offer him these symbolic coasters for his passion. Be sure he’ll spend the whole night thanking you.

A Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscription for streaming enthusiasts

We are talking here to streaming enthusiasts! If your friend is a big fan of streaming, why not give them a monthly subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? You could even do better by offering to assure him of the payments for the next 6 months or for an entire year. Considering that these platforms are the best in trending, there is no doubt that he will be delighted!

So, which gift do you prefer?


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